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    re: hardmano - are you still in? - acturtle acturtle

    I'm in again at 21 cents. After my "source" said that results may be delayed a week or so back, I sold FCN at 16.5 (bought at 14) and bought TTR at 20 cents. Rode TTR to 26 cents and sold it when I saw FCN taking off again - so as to get back in, but I missed some of the rise because it moved up to 20 + so fast. Overall I did quite well out of those moves ($10k realised profit on FCN and TTR, and now $6k unrealised on FCN again).

    I haven't seen a boom in gold/nickel/copper/resources generally like this since 1986, so I'm riding it hard at the moment.

    I keep wondering just what is behind the FCN rise?? Its too sustained to be pure speculation. My research tells me that FCN may have a significant holding in what could be a significant new nickel area, but as you say so far we have been told nothing. I find myself speculating that WMC has sold off a lot of its smaller nickel mines and tenaments because it has found a significant new deposit - but that sounds too far fetched. Sure as hell would like to know what's going on!!!

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