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Hardmann >>the CHART did say to sell at 90 cents !, page-9

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    Oh! Bomberman! - The wisdom of hindsight.
    Don't we have some experts on this forum!!

    A really strange day....
    WPL paid 35% of the drillship costs for Thon and they go up $11.52 to $12.00 = 2.3%
    HDR free carried and go down -21.2%
    Weird man weird! And WPL haven't even made an announcement.......
    Ah!!! but for the benefit of hindsight.
    Bomberman - you must write a book on hindsight for us.
    Didn't you sell at 90c?
    I guess that's not hindsight, thats foresight.
    What a champion!!!!
    Oh yes - I know - I'm very pissed off!!!
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