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    at 72 cents,hdr is where it opened after ching 1.
    then 1.09 was achieved when wpl bought at 1.10.courbine and the market have
    driven it to an intraday low of 39.5 post 9/11.
    ching 2 strikes oil at the first ching stepout.
    banda strikes gas/oil in different sructural setting.
    the gas,if it can be monetized to oil at the applicable ratio works out at 200 million barrels,if it can be monetized.add banda 100 million barrels oil,ching 4 stepout to establish owc,then thon,and i can see,
    ching 180 million,banda 100million plus gas,thon 75 million oil at p 50,and we get 350 million barrels in 15 months of drilling.

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Currently unlisted public company.

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