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    hate to say the bleeding obvious,but my short term take on hdr is down.
    time spent p and a c 2,and then sailing to thon will take the wind out of this stock short term.
    and,gasp should i even say that should thon prove to be a negative result,then you can expect a much cheaper re entry for next years drilling.
    there will be no takeover from wpl in the medium term,the reason,who would stump up 500 million for a stock that has no production.wpl are looking at hard assets across the globe to improve there oil profile,at a little over twice three times the price of hdr, and these assets are producers.they agreed to the minimum amount of shares necessary to maintain there blocking stake in hdr and thats the only slant you can put on woodsides 10 million take up of the placement @ 70.
    a closing thought,any mathematician help here. if you roll heads 4 times and they come up,whats the odds of success for heads to come up again.
    ie,where the screw could possibly turn down on hdr,should they not roll heads on thon.
    goodluck to medium term holders.
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Currently unlisted public company.

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