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    from recent observation of hdr share price recovery post june 30,i pose the following obsevations.
    1. no asx queries re price action.
    2. persistent rumour re mauritania rig is in transit to begin drilling earlier than previously announced in hdr releases.no announcements on deepwater discovery rig on transocean home page.no announcements by woodside or hardman.
    3.rumour of capital raising,remember Ted said nothing less than 1.10 at the annual.
    4.this is i suppose a triumph for the continuous disclosure rules that govern asx trading in public companies.if we suddenly find substance behind these rumours,i would require asic to do its necessary inquiries into recent trading activity to find out who some of the invited VIP guests are.
    ps. 3,400 shares traded in london friday,are they not privvy to the same rumours,or are they deaf.
    the trading volume in wpl is extremely thin today,wouldnt some of the hdr money also go to the bigger end of town?
    my humble opinion is we are in the process of being ramped on this stock.
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Currently unlisted public company.

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