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Hardman Report 8-5 -2002

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    Dear Sir/Madam

    Hardman Resources Ltd provides the following progress report on the drilling of the Woodada #19 gas well. The well is being drilled within the Woodada Production Licence (PL 5) located approximately 260 kilometres north of Perth, Western Australia. Further details are:

    Progress: (Last 24 hours to 06:00 hours 8/5/02)

    Current depth of 2,349 metres KB. Drill 8 1/2 inch (216mm) hole size from 2,260 metres to 2,349 metres KB.

    Geology and Hydrocarbon Shows:

    Current Formation Carynginia Shale. DST of Carynginia Limestone Formation indicates reservoir has good permeability to gas.

    Well Location:

    Located to intersect primary reservoir target approximately 700 metres west of the Woodada #8 gas production well.

    Primary Target:

    Gas producing zones within Carynginia Limestone at approximately 2,200 metres depth.

    Secondary Targets:

    Sandstone within basal Carynginia Formation (between 2,400 metres to 2,500 metres depth), below the Carynginia Limestone Gas Reservoir.

    Sandstones within the Irwin River Coal Measures, between 2,530 metres to 2,800 metres depth.

    High Cliff Sandstone (if present) at about 2,820 metres depth.
    Note: These secondary objectives below the producing gas reservoir of the Woodada Gas Field have not previously been tested
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