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    re: hardman placement- to Butchereno G'day Butchereno, in answer to your question

    "I passed on the info as soon as I got it, just in case anyone wanted to use it to their advantage (even though I despise the short-term traders in this stock). The shares spiked to 76c on Friday. Did you sell to buy back in at 70c? If not, why not?"

    I think your asking me if I sold my stock higher to buy in at the lower price, ie around .70
    The answer to this is no.
    I like the Hardman story but I have been burnt by these type of stocks before. I bought a swag of them at an average of .50 after the Courbine debacle. My plan at that stage was to offload a majority of them on the climb upwards during this current drilling campaign.
    I have done this, selling some at .70 .80 and .88 I still have approximately one third of my starting shares left.

    I do not intend to buy anymore shares till this current campaign is over. I was hoping to leave the remainder of the shares intact in case they did hit the big one or a takover bid was initiated. Due to the lack of credible information I have grave doubts about that possibility.

    My plan has not changed I will hold till I think it has run as high as it can and then get out.
    Too many times I have failed to lock in a profit. Never again will I forget that painful lesson.

    I am surprised by your and a few others vehement hatred for anyone who "trades" Hardman and is not in for "the long haul". You said "(even though I despise the short-term traders in this stock)"
    (Despise) is a strong word!!!
    Everybody has different trading strategies that suit their budget and style of investing. I have no feelings either way about anyone elses style.
    "Live and let live"
    I appreciate you letting us know whats happening you do us all a great service.

    I hope you and I make a motza on Hardman. If the Directors and Partners can get their act together I think we just might.

    Not having a go at you here just stating my case.

    regards - pokerboy
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