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    Something is definitely brewing .

    The R&D is coming up with more and more evidence that the B Cell platform has legs

    1. Ease of tolerance & apparently no side effects

    3. Possibly longer effect than the synthetic antibodies

    4. Possible a better effect than the synthetic antibodies

    5. Absolutely a much more economical remedy

    6. Ability to have multi specific immunization ( because thats what its really is )

    Maybe lots more , but I dont think you need too many more .....

    So whats really brewing ? ....... I think , is that slowly but steadily more and more people in the know will start to subscribe to this platform .

    Once that happens ...there will be a day when "Blast off occurs" That will be the "big deal " announced ...where a big or medium Pharma wants a bit of IMU .

    But it wont stop there !!

    Wait till the FDA gives the green light for IMU to run some tests on people who aren't already on skid row after being bombed with Chemo & other drugs .

    Fortunately I am not a candidate for treatment ( at least today that I am aware of ) ...... given what I know about IMU ...and understanding the other treatments I reckon I would put my hand up to try their Vax first up if I was a candidate .

    I'm betting a lot of others would as well , particularly if they understood the way it works & the alternatives .

    When that happens its going be a "cripples, pic up your bedding and walk " moment !!

    Sorry to rave ...

    but there it is !!

    So yes lots and lots brewing !!
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