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Hello Frank, welcome to join the so far still suffering old...

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    Hello Frank, welcome to join the so far still suffering old Oilers on HC.
    The SP is so low, because our balance sheets do not show any black figures yet. At the same time right now OIL's current significant involvement of changing medical procedures and outcomes is not highlighted enough in the wider media. OIL shares are not even listet in the business section of mayor newspapers. They are also not anymore within the ASX200.
    The history of OIL over the last twenty years was promises, like creating wealth for it's shareholders, but we ended up so far as poor bastards under the lead of many whose messages we trusted.
    Sure all of them drove the tech forward, but a new way of less promises and more achivement via new ways had to be found, away from diluting capital risings and big spending, but towards cuting expenditures and a new own OIL product range.
    Having contacts in the research and medical world I heard only positive opinions regarding OIL's tech and future.
    Latest news of CZ Convivo introduced into mayor influential and huge German Hospitals, rising sales of Convivo worldwide and direct sales of OIL's own Five2, combined with the boards cost savings, will lead to an operation which does not need a CAP rising anymore.
    If the SP is above 10 cents again, OIL's success story will be noticed from the wider share market again and the few sellers poping up always needing money during retirement will be swallowed up by the high number of buyers jumping in!
    Even more so, if OIL's Preliminary Report on 28th of August will show black figures in the end of the year balance sheet.
    The old SP of former years of over 10 cents was only based on false promises, fake news and not on facts!
    All the recent announcements and news on OIL's magnificent website is based on facts and certainly would deserve a higher SP already!
    But consider also, that there might still be a bit manipulations or bad feelings from supporters of former influencial parties in the ball game!
    It would be sad, but in the end I hope everybody is participating in a success story of OIL!
    Not long ago our Chairman showed a lot of confidence and bought 400,000 shares, which gives me a good feeling!
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