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"RamboMyStepBro", the problem is only, that he (THE EXECUTIVE...

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    "RamboMyStepBro", the problem is only, that he (THE EXECUTIVE CHAIRMAN, CEO, CFO, AND COMMUNICATIONS HEAD) is not earningright now what his roles should actually paying him, hence to compensate for that, he got options, but they are not worth very much right now, as some "nice" blokes are manipulating I think the SP downwards! Perhaps only for the purpose to deny him and others the deserved rewards.

    Other board members as seen out of the last annual report, have quite heavely invested anyway with around 10 mill OIL share holdings I believe and are for sure not happy either, about their twindling wealth and currently put an extrem effort in to change that.

    But our "OIL consultant", Dr. Peter Delaney could still pump up the holdings in his baby as he still sitting only on 3 mill shares!
    Stocking up by 1 or 2 mill shares must be nothing for him as he earned well over the last 22 years in all his leading positions at OIL!
    I am not holding my breath.
    Rambo you and me can only hope the new board pulls it through and everybody is sticking together to make it happen!
    We all have to find common ground, receive sales success messages as soon as possible leading to black balance numbers, attracting new buyers and I additionally wish any manypulators to go to hell !!!!!!
    All the best!

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