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Rambo (did I love these movies) MyStepBro, Im not quite sure,...

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    Rambo (did I love these movies) MyStepBro, Im not quite sure, but somehow I got the feeling too, that you must be extremly happy, like any other share holder, especially the loyal old Oilers, that just in time their prostate problem might be solved by their own investment. They hence live longer and still become wealthy Oil shareholders!
    Thank you "whytee" that as a doctor you perhaps even had the idea that prostate might be a field for extrem usefulness of OIL's tech and a huge possible future revenue stream!
    Always good to call OIL as a shareholder perhaps pnly once in a while to share ideas or perhaps get a hint in reverse and if it is only to find out that the current OIL team is currently very happy to work together whith each other.
    "RamboMyStepBro" is right, I think, when he assumes, that if this new field of use for our Five2 is established and it becomes a fakt our reliable board will dead sure announce it!
    The conclusion, that a board which is not even 11 months on the job can have already a year on year revenue reduction, is a bit hard to swallow and might be not correct!
    So far I am just sure that the senior head count produced a lower number of people, especially people which go along with each other within a happy management team kean to show it's doupters what they can do!!
    "Rambo....." I really would be grateful if you could list in numbers current balance, incoming profits and currently occuring costs from a named reliablesource to show how you end up with an inevitable need to rise capital for the company!
    The current share price is right now no public measure as previous company action going back 20 years did not produce the profits and future outlooks so that investors get en mass enticed to jump for a Oil share holding! Still not yet! We wait for the coming up black figures in the balance sheets as discussed before!
    But if one puts the effort in and informs himself thoroughly through research, e-mails and phone calls, he can clearly see new fakts coming up for which the new board can claim credit for!
    CZ Meditech orders up
    Fields of Five2 applications up
    Five2 orders including sterilisation sheath orders up
    Revenue up
    Provit up
    Expenses per unit down
    Cash up
    Wealth for all share holders suddenly existing
    "Whytee" should you have info, carried by your superior knowledge as a medical professional (Doctor) or medical info channels, which you also might have gained through discussion with OIL employees or within trial personal, we as shareholders (especially me) are extremly gratefu, if you pass it on to us.
    This info might just not be ready for a full fakt company announcement, but helps already to lighten up our sky in advance!
    I am also grateful for "RamboMyStepBro" full fakt knowledge he gained via reliable sources!
    Happy times ahead! Poor bastards (ment nicly) who have to sell now!
    Did not do any proof reading, but one can understand what I wanted to say!

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