MOL 0.00% 6.9¢ moly mines limited


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    Given EVERYTHING that has happened in the last 6 weeks - and then accelerating in October - the fact Harbinger have sold so FEW shares is a positive. I mean, they would have been losing money as well, facing redemptions et its a relief they have only sold so few.

    Naturally, we do not know their future intentions but given we are now at end October and they've only sold a "few" you would have to think that MOL wasn't the at the top of their "sell" list.

    I will be interested to see what happens from 1st Nov, as I am thinking maybe FUnd Managers have done as much dumping as they need to across the whole market to rule off the books for the end-month.

    Yes, massive de-leveraging still ocurring, I know...and none of us know when/if that has finished...but there has been lots of buying in markets over last week (when you consider the DOW futures last Friday night was down massively but the physical market absorbed the selling, and then of course Tuesday night's massive surge). Perhaps we have seen the bottom...

    Back to MOL - will be interested to see reaction in Canada tonight after this morning's announcement.

    I bought 25,000 more today at 37.5c

    Time will reveal how smart/stupid I was.

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