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    E-pay Thailand now has all the telcos signed up it seems.
    The existing telcos signed up for some time are AIS One-Two-Call (the biggest mobile operator in Thailand), Hutch, and True.
    The final one which was left out was D-Tac (marketed as D-Tac Happy because the :) 'smile' is the mobile division logo) and I was wondering when they would come on line and according to the e-pay Thai website, they're now there which is great for e-pay. So now we have all the main mobile players in Thailand signed up with e-pay.

    Although a victim like every other stock in the credit tumoil now sapping consumer confidence, EPY is still a promising play as people still top up they're mobiles just as they need to eat and whether it's a scratch card or e-voucher, the cost is the same and e-pay has some great promotions to attract customers.

    Another reason to be....happy :)
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