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    I think some remarks regarding stolwyks efforts in summarising NAL have been un-called for. I know I was quick to suggest that he had forgotten to mention the thymus research....but I quickly re-posted when I realised my mistake (and my remark was not critical or demeaning).

    Some people would get a great deal of benefit from the work stolwyk did, even though some may find it useless. If you fall into the latter catagory it would be easier to ignore the posts than it would to spend time criticising his efforts.

    As far as suggesting that he should only post something that regards the future of NAL (which incidently would be requesting him to either discuss very hard to get info, or be involved in insider trading) I think you are being unreasonable.

    Deathplunge, in particular, if you have something worthwhile to offer then please share it with us.

    I for one am happy to hold NAL. I won't discuss the reasons why but I am confident that holders will be rewarded, whether it be in a week, a month, or a year. I guess it depends on how patient a person is and what your investment/trading style is.


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