#### happy new year ####

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    Dear All,
    Have a great New Years celebration. Please take take out their as I want to be talking to you all again in 2005.

    I have only been on here for around 6 months and would like to thank you all for the laughs and advice. Seriously, it is greatly appreciated more than you ever know.

    Goblin...or goblin..I sill get confused.. man you post alot.

    BlakOil.. stay away from the KFC chix ok... 'upsize' to Boost Juice girls or something more healtheir lol

    TopTenHammer.... Keep up with rolling in the money :)

    SEN followers..theirs too many of you... just hang in their...TRUST ME, you will be rewarded with a 50c price target around mid 2005

    CLV followers..I havent forgetten you either :) I still hold.

    Sorry to not name 'everyone' on HC specifically, but I dont want to get confused with your niknames and real names hehehe I may be getting some of you into trouble lol

    And finally, natashia *** droool ** Need I say more *wink* :o)

    Have a wonderful time tonite and and may 2005 bring you happiness and wealth all at the same time :)

    Kind regards

    PS. B2, have you found B1 yet?

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