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happy day

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    Well looks good - 4.30 now and no 3B!


    Strong 32% rise on expectation of imminent major news. I am most interested to find out what Ian Eagan and his team have been up to, as we have been expecting oil news, and know there is the possibility of an offshore play now as well as onshore Kwanza.

    What gem will be in the announcement on the minerals front that required Eagan and his crew to be there?

    My guess is the ratification of some of the deals (ie. handover of Catabola/Longonjo to Fortitude) and CVI gouging a 60%+ stake out of Fortitude.

    Also keen to learn about the oil play, but on a level of reading the poker hand that MS has been playing it is the minerals that I am personally most interested in.

    All the best.

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