Hanson and Price racist on Twitter Uluru

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    White racists is what everyone is saying because of a discussion on Uluru due to no representatives of the people of colour on the show.
    How come whites money is never classified as racist.
    Australians and New Zealander’s with their two tier apartheid systems in place or what I call their slush funds.
    These governments should stop this apartheid system and classify all Australians as one.
    Let the people go after the few old people who did wrong in the past and let those people pay back what they took. Why punish a child born today for something they don’t even know about or participated in and why should they have to pay their future earnings to some lazy people who live in Australia.
    Apartheid should be disassembled.
    A German baby born today does not fund the rest of the world today for rebuilding Germany.
    It is appalling what the people we vote in to power do to us. GET RID OF APARTHEID AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALANDER. You keep making it a bigger issue. It’s time for change.
    If you want a job and money move to where there is work and pull your finger out.
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