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hang tough

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    Hi guys,

    The way I see it, if we could string together 2 or 3 days in a row of DOW gains (artificially made by printed/injected money and momentum), many who have recently converted to $US and treasury bonds "safety" after being burnt in general equities (which they may be reluctant to go for again) will want to jump ship before they see the $US come crashing down to avoid being burnt a second time.

    Where to turn to? What about gold and oversold gold equities. The fundamentals scream that these companies are going to be making huge profits based on gold's relatively solid position over the last year (when compared to other commodities).

    A gold rush and huge jumps in leveraged / currently oversold goldies will have to occur.

    We know huge inflation is on the cards and money is sloshing around looking for somewhere to go! Ride this financial wave.

    I think the bottom is in at $US680 or whatever and the artificial DOW bottom could be near as well (the DOW of course disregards purchasing power).

    Gold is such a small market and the upside is clear.

    Hang tough: I reckon we won't be waiting long for another $100+ day for gold...
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