hamas seeks sympathy & support

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    NEW: UNARMED, WOUNED, Iraqi men EXECUTED by U.S. invader in a Mosque(passed thru U.S. sensorship by accident, filmed by an embedded "journalist").

    Yes it's old news. but new on the Hamas website.



    What I was hoping to find was beheadings of unarmed non muslim women & men by Hamas supporters.

    You know the ones,,,,,,,,the ones where they be-head Aid workers & truck drivers & civil engineers trying to rebuild the country of Iraq.

    Perhaps they should show the hanged man who committed the crime of not eating the "red smarties" last?????????

    Pictures of the guy who "double dipped" his Jatz biscuit in the french onion also should be shown as a warning to all.

    I have known many muslim people & non muslims from muslim controlled countries so f*ck off with your ignorant racist crap.

    you racist retards.

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