halt now ann

  1. Yak
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    took em 40 minutes.

    what i still find strange is the wording...

    It doesnt say re the contract etc etc but rather
    "........the "status of the bid"....at

    Youd think that:

    1. If AVN was successful, the vol would have flown BIG TIME either during the day or after preopen. It didnt!

    Instead for the day it was only 1.7 mill with a market val of ~$82k - hardly convincing.

    2. If AVN WAS up then surely ENE people in the know would have sold it off.

    Instead no reaction to the AVN pre-open and the vol increased on the buy side and didnt abandon the sell side at all

    And their trades for the day were ~149k for ~$400k
    and up for the day!!!

    To the end still confusing.

    I rang the co and was told nothing and that "there was no one here....." - seems strange for a joint where a good news ann was imminent....
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