SRX 0.00% $33.55 sirtex medical limited

half yearly growth

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    I won't predict a shareprice but that half yearly is giving me very good vibes for the next twelve months and further .
    Growth is stronger in Europe as well as the US . Marketing increases, clinics and participating hospitals, specialized manufacturing plants ..... I get the feeling we are early owners of a treatment that has a very strong likelihood of attaining accelerated professional use very soon .
    The potential for expontial growth here is impending, imo .

    The takeover attempt at around $5 was obviously well researched and opportunistic, considering SRX was earning nothing then . Considering big pharma have huge in house marketing departments, Sirsheres would have increased cash on hand quite dramatically for them .
    Going solo as SRX is doing does have it's expenses but I suggest it will be well worth it before long .
    The survival rate improvements that this treatment is bringing mean that the clinical professionals usng it will stick to it, promote it, and the word will spread .

    I suggest people hold tight and accumulate as they can . Last years prices are still available here . Hoard .
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