CTI chariot limited

half-year report

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    Revenue up from $11.11M to $11.97M
    EBITDA down from $2.496M to $0.98M
    Operating Cashflow down from $1.485M to $0.48M
    Total liabilities up from $17.64M to $24.48M

    Can these guys raise any more credit? Maybe the ASX code should be changed to CTIOU.

    Interesting detail on customer numbers - in the announcement accompanying the results it quotes that there were 125,000 active customers. A year ago they quoted customer numbers at 150,000 in the 2004 Half Year Report. In the Chairman's address at the 2005 AGM on 25 November it was stated that the acquisition of Alphalink and Omninet Wireless had increased the national customer base to 180,000.

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