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    Hairy i read that you went long on BIL through BILWPH yesterday or the day before. You will be sitting on a decent profit but i was just looking at BILWPH and BILWGG Both have the same ex price, expiry date, ratio, delta. But BNP have jacked up their IV to 36.5%ish but SGA have theres at 33.2%ish. To make this worse BNP have a 1 cent spread compared to half a cent for SGA. Ouch, what a ripoff. Here are the current bid ask:

    BILWPH .17/.18
    BILWGG .155/.16

    No wonder BILWGG has more than 20 times the volume of BILWPH today. If i am missing something can someone please tell me.

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Currently unlisted public company.

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