h/c reaches new lows................:<(

  1. Yak
    13,672 Posts.
    For mine, when the forum has a post thread with the oxymoronic title.......

    ........."With All due respect f#ck the Jews"...

    ...I believe it, as a forum, has sunk to a new lower level.

    Management has been advised that such posts are unacceptable, racist and anti-semitic in the extreme.

    Recent bigots such as woow have met thier fate yet the newest incarnation ccutale appears to have licence to say what he pleases.

    Some may say I am too sensitive but I disagree.

    Imagine the outcry if there were anti-Australian rhetoric day in and day out on H/C and ended with "With all due respect, f#ck the Aussies"

    You would all be going off!

    I dont expect many will agree with me but I am still disappointed none of the more sensible posters did not take offence and speak out.

    I guess it is yet another manifestation of the modern jews belief that, in the end - we and only we - will look out for us.

    Have a good nite.

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