h/c comments on this post pls

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    from yak ...... who else. It's violent, vile, threatening and repulsive.

    "you lunatic

    The only therapy I'd get anything out of in a case like this is ramming my fist down your throat......

    I can just picture you now...a little figure of a man in a dimly lit dingy little room, dressed maybe in a pair of stubbies and a singlet - both dirty...a brothel of a place...maybe a few nazi slogans/flags/memorobilia scattered around...a bottle or two of booze ever at the ready...incapable of a relationship...probably either impotent or a premature ejaculator....no friends

    ...typing away into cyber-space raving and ranting about the jews and maybe on other forums, about blacks and latinos and other minorities - using other clever names such as 2jewrks - your "clever" anti-semitic nic in reverse here on h/c.

    F*ck me...just top yourself - no one will miss ya".
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