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GXY desperate for Alita

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    GXY is desperate for Alita becos:
    1. Mt Cattlin have only LOM 5+ years or 8+ years based on their reported reserve of 10.7 mt or resource of 16.7 mt respectively.
    ( Mt Cattlin throughput capacity of licensed 2.0mpta)
    2) James Bay Hardrock still in development/feasibility phase.
    3) SDV Brine....production ?Long way to go.
    Therefore, we can clearly seen recent action by GXY is nothing sort of desperation to take over ALITA "by hook or by crook". GXY need ALITA to fallback on becos Mt Cattlin LOM is "short".Imagine what is going to happen to GXY if they are not able to honour their Spodumene offtake suppply to their customers...That's why GXY share price has been falling from the "sky" from a high of $3-4...?
    Of course, we have our ALITA management to blame for all this. ALITA should "dig in" whatever it takes to the end. aimo
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