gwb and ...... hitler???

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    I read lots of stuff. The following is taken from a long article I read just now.

    I offer no comment on it, but perhaps it's worth some slight thought.


    "........In a recently aired report on German television named "The Omnipotence of the USA", Condoleeza Rice mentioned in an interview that the idea of democracy must be planted in all countries of the world and especially Germany had to thank the USA for receiving democracy after W.W.II... she even went as far as to imply that the USA have more or less invented democracy. Well, Condi should read up a bit about history, because democracy existed in Germany and elsewhere in Europe long before the USA liberated them from Hitler. In Germany, democracy failed in the end due to the specific problems of the Weimar Republic, but most of all, because the powerful business industry and the conservatives joined forces with Hitler and enabled him to rise to power in a very similar way George W. Bush gained power.

    I will refrain to draw any comparisons between HItler and Bush, as it is really redundant - history needs to be seen in context of its own time. But let's not forget that the Germans gave up their freedom and their democracy for fear of terrorism (after the "Reichtagsbrand", symbolically the same as the attack of the Twin Towers WTC), that Hitler pre-emptively attacked other countries and a majority of the German public believed his lies that these countries posed a threat to Germany, that Hitler controlled the masses via a clever propaganda (had Goebbels had the modern technologies of today in the media world, I guess the Germans would have been "convinced" much faster) and that anyone speaking out against these things was called un-patriotic and sooner or later ended up in concentration camps denounced by patriotic neighbours abiding by the German "Homeland Security Act". (The jews were no the only ones populating the camps, although they were the majority). .....


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