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gwa moves into worldpark complex

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    GWA moves into WorldPark complex
    Giuseppe Tauriello
    From: The Advertiser
    July 19, 2011 12:00AM

    RAIL freight operator Genesee & Wyoming Australia has moved to the WorldPark complex at Keswick.

    The move consolidates approximately 40 staff previously based at offices at Kilburn and Hindmarsh.

    GWA managing director Bert Easthope said the move continued an "exciting transition" for the company, since acquiring Adelaide-to-Darwin railway operator, FreightLink, in December.

    "Being located in Adelaide is critical to our business," he said. "It's a new office and that's exciting. It brings everyone together and it's state-of-the-art. We wanted to be more in line with offices of the future."

    Mr Easthope said the company had performed well since Cyclone Carlos dumped record levels of rain in Darwin in February, having since then signed an agreement to transport 3.3 million tons of iron ore per year from WPG Resources' Peculiar Knob mine in the state's north. "All facets of the business have been strong," he said. "We look forward to the Western Plains business starting next year - it's a step forward for our business."

    The company's new headquarters was officially opened by Infrastructure Minister Pat Conlon who said approval of the Peculiar Knob mine would spark further investment in the region.

    "I think you're going to see the creation of new deep sea ports, new rail and very extensive investment in infrastucture and rail out of the resource sector, particularly with iron ore," he said.

    And while the company's new 5-star energy efficient base is a reflection of its support for sustainability measures, Mr Easthope said the company had reservations about the Federal Government's carbon tax plan. "From our perspective we believe that we need to be doing something about carbon," he said. "But there remains some uncertainty."

    "Rail gets impacted from day one while road gets a two-year moratorium. These are things we need to address."
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