gun control yes! but this is stupid!

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    How unfair is it to these fellows who compete and I'd bet they have never been involved in anything remotely connected to the reason why there is a need for gun control

    Anti-gun lobby takes a shot at Olympic shooters

    An anti-gun lobby group says Australia should forego competing in five Olympic and Commonwealth Games shooting competitions to allow for a much broader ban on handguns.

    Roland Browne of the National Coalition for Gun control says changes to handgun laws proposed for every state and territory do not go far enough.

    "The reasons that these reforms fall short is that the gun lobby has convinced the government that there is a need for high-powered semi-automatic handguns in Commonwealth and Olympic Games sports," Mr Browne said.

    "People can compete with single-shot handguns in just about all Olympic and Commonwealth Games sports."

    "The events that require high-powered semi-automatics, Australia should forfeit our involvement, we should not wait for this issue to be determined on the tide of public opinion following a mass shooting."

    The Sporting Shooters Association of Australia says the proposed handgun ban already goes further than first anticipated and the rights of legitimate sporting shooters must be protected.

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