gulf war syndrome - already!

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    By Mike Hamilton

    TWO young British soldiers have killed themselves after falling ill with suspected Gulf War Syndrome following the latest conflict in Iraq.

    Both men committed suicide after showing recognised symptoms of the illness - blamed on controversial jabs our troops were given before the war.

    One - Royal Engineer Eddie Hosdell, 21 - leapt to his death from the Humber Bridge in Hull and a 26-year-old soldier hanged himself at a base in Germany.

    The German-based soldier was given five jabs in one day - in direct contradiction of Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon's pre-war pledge that troops would not have multiple vaccinations at the same time.

    The suicides are the first linked to Gulf War Syndrome after the latest conflict.

    Campaigners say almost 200 soldiers who saw service in the 1991 Gulf War have killed themselves after developing the illness, which has always been officially denied by the Government.

    Charlie Plumridge, spokesman for the National Gulf Veterans and Families Association (NGVFA), said: "It's a shocking and sad state of affairs that these young soldiers are taking their own lives. For 12 years we have been warning the MOD that this sort of thing has happened and would continue to happen.

    "Tragically these two deaths show we were right. This could only be the tip of the iceberg.

    "I call upon the Government to do more to look after brave young men and women who have been willing to lay down their lives for this country."

    Both soldiers are believed to have been given multiple vaccinations before war broke out to protect them from chemical or biological attack.
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