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    Cant see the share price getting off the ground this year until the first two smelters come online in the first quarter of 2020 .  In the meantime price will probably stagnate at current levels and continue to be the subject of market manipulation with price being pegged under one cent for almost six months to date .  Recent volumes have been to too small and inconsistent  to have any effect on price even the last two peak  volume days last week account for less than 1% of total stock on issue . With over five billion shares on issue the level of manipulation is so entrenched that any  further updates or Company announcements are unlikely to have any bearing on price however they will come as a welcome relief for long suffering shareholders . Placement holders bottom feeders and sophisticated investors fortunate enough to acquire stock at such heavily discounted levels will be rewarded however long term investors at 2c and above will be lucky to get out with the shirts on their back as  placement holders and sophisticated investors scramble to get out at the prospect of making 100% on their investment leaving a large overhang of stock that will linger and keep the share price below 1c for months to come .
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