Guess what's about to happen

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    Well guys - here's your chance to prove Pinto is either a total wanker or brilliant visionary
    Save this post - the coming years will see if I'm correct or a raving looney.

    My thoughts on the future appear below - I'll start them with Bold - that's where you can decide how mad or not I am --

    Life for all of us is about to change dramatically in my view - 10 years, maybe 20 - time isn't my point --------- certainty is.

    Is this POLITICAL?--- oh yeah ---------- both local and global -

    IMO - this will bring the biggest political changes in human history and prehistory --coming to our doors very very very soon.

    First - the news - it's on technology ----------------- BUT - it's what the technology WILL do that's the big news and how it will have an massive impact on us and how we live.

    the technology is the simple part - here it is - you probably all know about some of it already ------- Elon Musk's nuralink - and, now Facebook - communication by brainwaves - link at bottom

    "Brain-Machine Interface technology (BMI) is a field of science that's small and relatively new, but it has Silicon Valley brimming with excitement."
    She says the Facebook approach involves experiments with non-invasive BMI devices, such as a cap studded with electrodes.
    "It has been funding research on BMIs that can pick up thoughts directly from your neurons and translate them into words, into English sentences," she says.
    Recently, she says, the University of California researchers who are in partnership with Facebook announced their algorithm could translate neural activity into English sentences, with an error rate of only 3 per cent for vocabularies of 300 words."

    So - that's the simple part of the equation -------------- here's what I see is the really really complicated bit -------

    IMO -- it's only time - and when it happens - it will happen early and it will happen lightning fast --------


    and that - will change everything - imagine when we get to hear the opinions from octopi, dolphins, some apes ======== and, we find that they are sentient beings with intelligence and personalities ---------

    imagine the political ramifications,

    right to life, birth certificates, right to vote, - IMO - they will have as many rights as any human ------------ how far will it go?-------- which animals? - don't know - that's to be seen - but, what is clear is that --

    animals don't talk to us because they physically can't ----------- but, when they can communicate --------- it's going to be a whole new ball game politically

    these types of technologies WILL be able to do this ----- that part to me is - odds on
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