guaranteed profits on the asx, courtesy hellsalose

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    Just short any stock that the clown Monogamy recommends. (It was also posting as Kenniworth, Hellasloser etc in the past, but the shame got too much)

    Quote "Follow me - buy SUN (@ $15.00 12mths ago) to double your money by Feb 2003, buy BEN (@$8.50) for a quick profit (2mths ago, TAH will never go below $10 (a couple of weeks ago). The banking index will rise 50% in 2003 (mid last year). buy BCA $ $2.25 (Dec 2002), etc.,etc." Unquote

    No doubt next time Graham (its real name) comes before the courts it will be for fraud, not female stalking as he has been convicted of in the past. (yes, I do know who you are and where you live)

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