It would be a rash boast to say I thought Trump would win in...

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    It would be a rash boast to say I thought Trump would win in November 2016 and that the Coalition would win on Saturday, but reading HC over the last decade, and particularly the Humour & Politics forums, it became obvious a few years ago that there are many people who are willing to say exactly that they think under the guise of anonymity, but won't speak publicly, and that conservative thought, while being increasingly decried as 'far right' or 'white supremacist', was growing in reaction to the extreme demands of the Looney Left.

    I live in a predominantly Labor electorate and the overt sense of moral superiority coming from the Left is both in-your-face sickening and silencing of conservative opinion. I spend much time on YouTube which, through independent reporters (e.g. Candace Owens, Joe Rogan, Paul Jospeh Waston, Laura Southern, Rebel Media, Turning Point USA, Sanity 4 Sweden, to name but a few of the many), provides more unbiased information about what's really going on in global politics (e.g. the Jilet Jaune movement in France that the mainstream media won't report on for fear of inciting similar demonstrations elsewhere, ditto the fact that the fire at Notre Dame was a terrorist attack - there have been over 800 churches in France desecrated over the last year). And it's clear that a revolt by normal, rational people in reaction to the extreme Left is reaching boil-over point. Thank goodness Australia managed to achieve some sense on Saturday without having to resort to the sort of violence that we are seeing in France (or not, depending on which media outlets you choose to watch!).
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