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    re: GTP at 57 Then hold that thought blackjack.

    I was just going back over a bit of HC history re GTP and completely by coincidence there has been people suddenly post innane and derogitory attacks re GTP's imminent collapse every time it has reached rock bottom.

    The last one was a joker who operated under a couple of nicks including illusions who called GTP to 35c when it hit a previous fib retracement in July.

    Strangely he hasn't been seen since but no doubt he made good money from all the shares he was no doubt buying.

    You know what? I reckon these forums would be worth a heap more if you could set one up where the genuine posters actually knew who each other really were. That would be the requirement to join. Mutual identification. No access for anyone not prepared to 'come out'.

    Having said that - its a bear market blackjack, maybe you get to be right but hey, as whiteyg points out (and I agree) they are both interesting companies trading way below what they could easily justify in better times.

    So if we aren't all going to just quit the market or trade puts solely then finding the few gems is the challenge.

    I reckon GTP is one of them.
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Currently unlisted public company.

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