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    Thanks to both Wrongway and Guardian for the information. I regard HC as a great place for exchanging information among all shareholders, but not a place for ramping up or ramping down certain share prices.

    A few comments on Hartley's reports:

    1. They are both positive to GTP and TIM.

    2. The forecasted e/s for 2002-2004:
    - - TIM: 10.4 - 12.0 - 12.8 (c/s)
    - - GTP: - 9.9 - - 9.2 - - 9.7
    TIM's are ~30% higher than GTP (in 2003 and 04).

    3. But TIM's valuation $0.63 (in 12 months) is ~20% lower than GTP's $0.79. Why a such big difference?

    4. Reports adopted different total numbers of shares of GTP for different years, and in the same year of 2002 they used ~150M as the total number of shares to calculate e/s and market capitalisation, and used ~200M to make NTA. This causes all the intercomparison meaningless. A more meaningful way to deal this problem is to NORMALISE all e/s and other statistics (including last year's) to the latest total share number of ~200M.
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