GTM giants reef mining limited


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    A noteworthy announcement late to-day,that CBA have subscribed for 42.6m.shares in current capital raising.Insto's of late are very,very choosyand this is an aggressive move,which rival insto's will note,so the Chariot development is now fully funded and production is just 6 months away.Ore grading 21g.or 2/3rds oz.will excite a few,along with their $20m.plant(paid for)and virtual control of the rich Tennant Creek region,that mine life just might double with exploration efforts, once the cash flow begins.
    Also,BHP in J/V(GTM free carried 30% )are keen to find a jumbo orebody and have a serious multi-million commitment to the region.I think 3.5c,will looka very cheap entry in 6 months time.Congrat's CBA.
    SEARAY.Long and strong.
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Currently unlisted public company.

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