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    By S.P. Attri (USA)
    1. At this time, Europeans are abandoning Christianity, some of them are trying to find their ancient Pagan-Roots. They are trying very hard to pull themselves out of the mud of Christianity, that has been heaped upon them for centuries. Christianity knocked Europe out of its alignment with its ancient Pagan-Roots, culture, and beliefs, by destroying its Pagan Religions. While uncovering the scale of these dreadful Christian atrocities, we must bear in memory that:

    Christianity is not the religion of Europe nor of anywhere else. Christianity is an imposition on Europe, and a Barbaric Imposition. Similarly, Islam is not the religion of Arabia, nor of Asia nor of any where else either. Islam is an imposition and a Barbaric Imposition, and the size and diameter of its barbarism, are comparable to Christianity's Barbarism. The true religion of Europe and of every where else is PAGANISM. It is our sacred duty to expose and eradicate the perpetrators of these gruesome acts of barbarism, the names of these perpetrators are:

    2. Europeans did not give in to Christianity without a fight. Two-Thirds of Aryan-Europe had to be murdered by Christians before the whole of Europe succumbed to Christianity. As the Christians molested, murdered, insulted, destroyed, and degraded Pagan-Europe, during their proselytism campaigns and military operations, they used the term of "Pagan" in a perjorative and perverse sense for the Non-Christians, who had not yet converted to Christianity. They hoped that degrading of Paganism in this manner, would induce the Pagans to swiftly switch over to Christianity. But it did not happen quite that way. The Non-Christian Pagans used the term of Pagan, for themselves "as an exemplification of their courage, to defy and refuse to accept the superstition called Christianity. They continued to regard Christianity as junk, humbug, organized hypocrisy, and mealy-mouthed quackery. The Pagans of Europe viewed themselves as "Proud Pagans," sailing proudly under "Pagan-Colors," they made known to the Christians that:

    We Pagans are here to stay, we are not going to go away, we are going to stick it out, to the bitter end.

    As a result of this defiance, the sun of Paganism never completely set in Europe, it continued to simmer.

    3. Prior to the Christian Era, Europe had an advanced form of civilization, very kindred and comparable, to Hinduism and Hindu mode of worship. Like Hinduism, these Pre-Christian Pagan-European civilizations regarded virtues, moral goodness, righteousness, and high-mindedness, as materializations and manifestations of God/ Bhagwan ( in Hinduism). Pagan-Europe received a rude-quiver with the arrival of Christianity on the scene. Christianity quickly started nibbling at Pagan-Europe, with probing attacks, eating Pagans in small bites.

    Christianity received a big boost in its fire-power, when Roman emperor Constantine after embracing Christianity, immediately started forcible conversion of his Pagan population, destroying all their Pagan temples. Since Christianity was now firmly established in Rome, it was free to go to step #2, it began its barbarism against the remaining Pagans of Europe. The Christian-Barbarism continued for centuries, in fact it has never ceased, nor can it ever cease. The reason for Christianity's Unflagging maintainance of barbarism, is related to the nature of Christianity itself, it may be called "The Nature Of The Beast" and the beast is Christianity. If Christianity's two thousand years of blood-soaked history, brings any thing in clear view, it is this that Christianity like Islam, is a prophetic license for banditry, it gathers its adherents by the terror of sword.

    Christianity claims that it is a religion of Peace, Love, and Brotherhood, it uses this two-faced fakery as a mask to disarm its adversaries, making them unable to detect Christianity's Real and Clandestine Intentions, which are to eliminate all religions of the world other than its own Christinaity. In practice, Christianity uses terror, torture, treachery, taxation, butchery, bayonetry, and all other tricks of its Conversion-Trade. Christianity is a gifted brutal barbarian, it massacres Pagans pitilessly, and mercilessly conducts the hunting and destruction of Pagan temples. If you go around the urban areas and country-side of Europe, you shall not find a single Pagan-Temple. This is because the Christians have done a Thoroughly-Professional Job of "Delivering A Crack Of Doom" to the Pagan-Temples of Europe.

    4. Along with this historical-background of Pagans of Europe (and of elsewhere) and of their Tormentors, it is necessary to understand what Paganism is, and what it is Not. Pagan religions have a great variety, they all differ from each other, in all sorts of details. But there is a set of commonalities, which apply to all Pagan-Religions. We may not be able to define Paganism, but we certainly can characterise it, and that is exactly what is going to be done here, as below:

    a. Paganism (Hinduism included as the Largest Pagan Religion of the World) is not a "Believe Or Perish" Exclusivist Creed like Christianity or Islam.

    b. Paganism does not subscribe to the Exclusivity/Mediumistic Dogma where man can know God only through a chosen Top-Dog or Medium or Intermediary (such as Jesus Christ or Hazrat Mohammad), and which regards all other paths as false, rejects all these other paths totally, and actively works at their total destruction, by violent means.

    c. Paganism does not make any sole, single, clannish claim to be in Exclusive Possession of truth, it claims no monopoly on truth. Note: Both Christianty and Islam claim absolute monopoly on truth.

    d. Since Paganism does not believe in Proxy or Mediumistic Intermediation, it does not shut out "Direct Access" to God,
    nor does it shut out "Alternate Paths To Exploration."

    e. Since Paganim rejects Exclusivity, it encourages and emboldens "Pluralism" and the "Freedom Of Choice."

    f. Because Paganism rejects Exclusivity, concomitantly it also rejects enforcement of Uniformity of Conduct, Belief, and Behavior. Hence Paganism neither has any need, nor does it ever issue any judgment like a FATWA, nor does it put together "Tribunals Of Inquisition" to keep its troops in line.

    g. Because Paganism rejects Exclusivity, it does not divide the world into two mutually-exclusive and venomously-belligerant camps of Believers & Non-Believers (such as Moslems versus Kafirs/Infidels and Christians versus Pagans/Heathens).

    h. Because Paganism rejects Exclusivity, it lets its followers to explore unauthorised paths. Paganism neither has any need nor does it ever keep any thought-control or truth-monitoring thought-police, in the guise of "Clergy." And there are no penal codes in Paganism, unlike the penal codes of Quran and Bible.

    i. Because Paganism rejects Exclusivity and Mediumism, a Pagan-Seeker is totally free to question, choose, and deny. This freedom of choice lies at the heart of "Pluralistic Pagan Tradition."

    j. Because Pagans subscribe to "Pluralism," their God is as diverse as is his Universe, and as are his Individuals. Pagan-God is not the only one possible God, nor the only True-God, nor is never forced upon the Non-Pagans.

    k. Because Paganism has no fixed dogma or exclusivitst creed or doctrinal authority to uphold or enforce, there
    is no blasphemy or heresy in the Pagan system of religions.

    l. Because Paganism rejects Exclusivity completely, it does not subscribe to any hegemonistic ideology or creed,
    which is to be imposed on people, by Jihad or Crusades or via treacherous salesmanship.
    m. The Pagan History (the Pre-Christian Pagan History) is not an account of unspeakable, nauseating, distasteful horrors, that are typical of both Islam and Christianity.

    5. To synopsize some of Pagan-Characteristics:

    a. Pagans are polytheistic, they recognize plurality of cosmic or divine beings
    b. Pagans view nature as an expression or manifestation of divinity, not as a fallen creation or creature of God
    c. Pagans venerate & worship the female divine principle as Godlike and just like the male divine principle
    d. Pagan religions, being polytheistic and elemental, are sometimes referred to as Nature-Mysticism, as an outpouring of the divine presence.

    6. Why do the Pagans of Europe feel such a close association with Hindus and Hinduism? Because of the common origin of the Indo-European people, the place of abode of the earliest Indo-Europeans happens to be in areas around the Northwest Hills of India. A Latvian-Pagan named Krive, who reacted to my letter to Shri L.K. Advani (which was passed on to him by one of our UK Hindus), has recorded this view, as a reaction to my letter to Shri L.K. Advani. Says Krive:

    Pagans such as Balts, Celts, Gauls, German, Italians, Spaniards etc etc, all of them come from Indo-Europeans, who came out of North-Western India, around about 17,000 BCE. The native tongue of these Pagans was based on Sanskrit. Their gods and goddesses can be found , in the religion and sects of Hinduism in India.

    He lists Indo-European words for GOD. A glance at these Indo-European words reveals their closeness with Sanskrit words. This closeness is not limited to Indo-Iranian and Baltic Branches (of Indo-European People) only, it exists also in Germanic, Italian, Celtic and other Branches of Europe.

    Says Krive: The Latvian and Lithuanian Connection to Hinduism, is particularly close. Both Latvian and Lithuanian words have a commonality-match of at least 65% with Sanskrit. Both Latvia and Lithuania fought with Christian-Crusaders for 400 years, before the last of them, succumbed to Christianity. (Lithuanians have told me in person that Duke Kestutis, a Lithuanian-Pagan, is regarded as the Hero Of Lithuania, that even the Catholics of Lithuania respect him, not because of his Paganism, but because of his bravery. Lithuanians say that Duke Kestutis was on his horse-back for fifty years, that for all these 50 years, Duke Kestutis was fighting the Christian-Crusaders who were assaulting his nation of Lithuania).

    Says Krive: Latvians sing at least two millions songs, that have a Vedic-History, that have been passed on from generation to generation, during their journey to Latvia and Lithuania, from the Northwest Hills of India. The Balts have kept memories of their Pagan-Past, despite Christian effort to wipe out the Pagan-Memories. Bravo Balts!

    Balts would rather die than accept and assimilate with the culture of the Invaders (Barbarian-Christians). Again Bravo Balts!

    7. In his analysis of Pagan-Europe, Krive has re-created and recorded his views on the Pagan-Past of Europe.His re-creation is most enlightening, revealing not only the Pagan-European Past, but also its strong relationship with the Hindus of India. The essence of this strong relationship connotes that every single European Person, has a Hindu-Past. Paganism has survived in Europe, despite the Barbaric-Tragedy of Christianity that struck it, played havoc with it, and conducted crashes of elimination on European-Paganism. That Paganism has survived at all in Europe, despite the brutal terror-apparatus of Christianity, is no small wonder.

    8. This Indo-European connection and coupling, that Krive talks about, becomes completely un-obscured if we reflect upon the original home of the Indo-European People. The original place of abode of the Indo-Europeans (the so-called Aryans) is extremely important, in explaining the strong Hindu-Kinship with the Pagans of Europe.

    I have had ample skepticism about the inferences, of the so-called Aryan-Invasion Theory. Further, for at least twenty years, I have questioned, as a matter of discussion with the American People, their usage of the terms "Caucasian" and "White-Caucasian." They use these terms because they believe Caucasus-Mountains to be the Orignial-Home of the White Race, which it is Not. Because of this misgiving, I have been telling the White-Americans (as well as the White-Europeans) that the original home of the Aryans is not the Caucasus-Mountains, nor are the White-Americans (nor the White-Europeans) the Caucasians that they claim to be, instead they are Indo-Europeans, and that the real original home of the Aryans is not in the Caucasus-Mountains, but lies further East in the Northwest Hills of India, particulary the Pamirs (in West China), Kailash (East Of Khyber-Pass in Pakistan), and Nooristan (West Of Khyber- Pass, in Afghanistan).

    9. These three specific-areas (in remote past, these three areas were, more than likely, part of India) are located adjacent to each other, and the people living in these three areas are the most Aryan-Looking in the world, they have never married outside of their own group, because of this endogamy, they have managed to stay pure for all of this long time. Moslems call them Kafirs (Non-Moslem Infidels), because of their refusal to accept Islam despite strong-pressures, these people call themselves the Aryans Of Kohistan (Aryans Of Mountains).

    These people of Aryan-Looks and Perfect-Face-Bones are the ancestors, of not only the European-Man but also of the Hindus of India. All Europeans (originally they were either Hindus or Proto-Hindus) have migrated from the Northwest Hills of India, and have subsequently-scattered all across Europe. The commonality of languages, of pagan deities, of religious rituals, similarity of European-words with the Sanskrit words, and close physical similarity of Hindu People with the Europeans, strongly suggests and supports this inference. Though the dark skin of our Hindu People (because of climatic mutation/modulation), masks our racial closeness with the lighter-skinned people (also because of climatic-mutation/modulation) of Europe, it does not nullify the existence of this "Closeness," this closeness can be read with watchful-observation.

    10. Then why do the Americans and the Europeans regard themselves as Caucasians, when this term has no adherence to truth? They (Americans and Europeans) are using this fallacious term, because they don't know any better. That is the only nomenclature they have heard, they have accepted it, never questioned its veracity. The term Caucasian for the white race is as Phoney, as the term Football for the American-Game. American-Football is not football at all, it is KABADDI (A Silent-Kabaddi, without uttering the word Kabaddi repeatedly). But myths die hard, American-Kabaddi continues under the name of Football, and the Indo-European Americans pass themselves as Caucasian-Americans. Such is the power of the myths.

    11. I have had conversations with Pagans of most European Countries, this includes Germans, Italians, Greeks, French, Poles, Lithuanians, Latvians, Hungarians, Czechoslovakians, Norwegians, Swedes, Danes, Russians, English, Irish, Icelandics, and others. Every one of these Europeans told me that their Pagan Mythology is very similar to the Hindu Mythology. The existence of this enormous commonality between the Europeans and the Hindu People was mind-boggling, but it absolutely struck me with wonder, when the Icelanders (Iceland is a Scandinavian country, located half-way between Norway and Greenland) dropped the bomb-shell on me by revealing to me, that they exhaustively-compared (from top to bottom) their Icelandic-Pagan Mythology with the mythologies of every other place in the world. The Icelanders found out that mythology, that comes closest to their Icelandic Pagan-Mythology, is the Hindu-Mythology.

    How large was my surprise, cannot be imagined, it took my breath away. However, this throbbing view of the ubiquitous nature, of this commonality between the Europeans and the Hindu People of India, did teach me a momentous-lesson, finally I got a clear-fix on what has been going on for these many thousands of years, it brought to my notice, that the movement of people had been from South to North ( and West) and not from North to South, not from Europe to India, as the Aryan-Invasion theory suggests. I had speculated and pondered over my migration theory many times before, but this revelation by the "School Masters From Abroad (the European-Pagans)" gave an Exhilarating-Finale to my Migration-Theory.

    12. What does my Migration-Theory propose? It puts forth that the movement of Indo-European People, has been from the North-West Hills of India to the rest of Europe, not the other way around, as the so-called Aryan-Invasion(AI) theory suggests. Because this Migration-Theory is shockingly-different from the Aryan-Invasion Theory, I am probably delivering a rude shock to the warriors/supporters of AI theory, as I am pitting my Migration-Theory against their AI theory, in fact I am turning their AI theory on its head. Because the reality of the South to North migration of the Indo-European people has been suppressed far too long, it is only horse-sense that it be brought out in the open. There is no purpose in sheltering an out-of-date AI theory.

    13. Am I ignoring the DNA evidence, that the supporter of AI theory are using, to buttress their stand? Not at all. The DNA data that they are producing, fully supports my migration theory (the DNA data neither suggests nor proves that Aryan-Invasion of India took place). This DNA data is not telling us anything new, that we did not know before. A Russian Biologist had told us approximately 10-12 years ago, that he compared the genetic characteristics of the people of India, with the genetics of the people of Russia, from the South of Russia all the way upto Leningrad. This Russian-Biologists found that the genetics of the people of India, was IDENTICAL to the people of Russia, in every area of Russia.

    What then is the problem with the DNA data, that the supporters of AI theory have recently produced? There is no problem with the DNA data, they just are mis-reading the data, and what it means. Many times, data has interpretation problems, that is the meaning/message inside the data, what exactly does this data mean, and this incidence is a perfect example of interpretation-problem.

    It is quite possible that the producers of this data had already reached their conclusions in support of the AI theory, before they ever went about acquiring this data, and then used this data to buttress their stated position. They also seemed to be equating our caste system with the race system of the White-Race, which our caste system certainly is not. If the "Warriors Of The Aryan-Invasion Theory" had really wanted to investiage our caste system in a scientific manner, then they would have compared the DNA of all four castes, not arbitrarily divide our population into Upper-Castes and Lower-Castes, frozen in their imagination as belonging to the Invader (Aryan) and Invaded (Dravidean) segments of our population (Reference: Aryan-Invasion theory).

    14. What about the elements of other Asian races that they (the warrirors of AI-theory) found in the DNA of our Lower-Castes, am I ignoring these? Not at all. This no secret that we Hindus are racially mixed, though we are largely Indo-European, we do embody traces of the Mongoloid and Negroid races also in our racial make-up, we are not pure nor do we make any claim of purity. Similarly, the Europeans are also racially mixed, albeit not to the same extent as we Hindus are.

    Further, the people of Indo-European type (or the so-called Aryans) are found all over India, not in just the North of India, but all the way down south, and the so-called Dravidean people of our South India, are also Indo-European type (though a somewhat darker mutation) they are found all over India, not just in the South of India, but all the way up North. The fact is that our population is mobile, it has always been mobile. There are very few people in India who can be considered 100% Dravidean (Southern Indo-European) or 100% Indo-European (Northern Indo-European). Same is the problem with our caste system, there is hardly any caste purity in India. Our various castes (higher and lower) are thoroughly mixed. This castes-blending has to be recognized, the sooner we understand and accept it, the better off we are.

    Further, people who use the terms of Dravideans and Aryans, use them as if these two are different races, they are not. There are only three races in the world: Caucasiod, Mongoloid, and Negroid. The Dravideans are not Negroid, they certainly are not Mongoloid. So what are they? They are Caucasoid or Indo-European, though somewhat darker, they are racially not different from the people of North-India, any more than the dark skinned North-Indians, are racially different from the lighter-skinned Indo-Europeans of Europe. These climatic-mutations must not be confused/mistaken for race-differences.

    The truth of the matter is that there are not many people in the world of any pure stock, most people in the world are of mixed-type. It is the Predominance of one type (race) over the other types in a person, that indicates his race, but that does not mean, that he does not have elements of other types (races) in his genetic make-up.

    15. Occasional Non-Parellelism of Race and Language in Europe and India.
    Even though all Europeans belong to the Indo-European race of people, and practically all European languages belong to the Indo-European language-group, this seeming fitness of congruity between race and language-group, does break down occasionally, as in the case of Finnish, Hungarian, and the Basque People of Spain.
    Basque people live in the Basque province of Spain, they constitute 25% of the population of Spain, they are racially Indo-European, but speak the language of Euskara, which is a Non-IndoEuropean language.

    Similary both Finnish and Hungarian people are Indo-Europeans racially, but their languages are Non-IndoEuropean, their languages belong to the Finno-Ugrian group of languages.

    Coming to India, we notice the same kind of Non-Parallelism. Most of the Indian languages belong to the Indo-European language group (or the Sanskrit-Group), but two languages of South India, Tamil and Telgu, seem to be outside the group of Indo-European languages. But that does not make South-Indians (generally referred to as Dravideans) racially different from the North-Indians, any more than the Non-European languages of Finns, Hungarians, and Basque people, make them Non-IndoEuropeans racially. Besides, at least thirty percent of the words in both Tamil and Telgu are Sanskrit. This is a significant percentage, to suggest that differences between North and South Indian languages are neither rigid nor all that great.

    16. I am aware that Dr. Rajaram strongly questions the inferences of the so-called Aryan-Invasion theory, but as far as my recollection goes, he does not take exception to the migration of people from India (Northwest Hills of India) to various directions in the continent of Europe. It appears that is exactly what happened several thousand years ago. Nevertheless, I do recognize that my Migration-Theory is just a theory, and like other theories, it is also subject to correction, with countervailing proof, if provided.

    17. What kinds of problems do the Pagans of Europe and India face?
    The biggest problem that we Pagans face is this: Islam and Christianity, do not represent just a theoretical philosophical challenge to us Pagans, they (Islam and Christianity) are potent creeds of barbarism. The mere existence of us Kafirs (Non-Moslem/Non-Christians), excites great animosity inside them. Why? Because we Kafirs (Pagans) appear to them to be the works of the Devil. They try to blacken the name of the Pagans, from every pulpit and in every pronouncement, the objective of this exercise is to discredit and degrade Pagans and their Paganism. Moslems and Christians approach the Kafirs (Pagans) and advise them to accept Islam/Christianity, and escape this mark of Pagan-Shame, but generally they fail to talk the Pagans out of their Paganism.

    18. When the Sullas/Kharistas go back to their clergies to deliver their Failure-Report, their clergy shouts back:
    "You Moslems/Christians are becoming tolerant to that extent, you cannot turn a blind eye to this refusal, it is not just a defiance of Allah/Jehova, it is a Direct-Rebellion against the authority of Exalted-Allah/Exalted-Jehova."

    The clergy (Moslem Mullas and Maulvies/Christian Ministers or Priests) advise their followers to go back to the Kafirs (Pagans), and make new demands for conversion, and if they refuse this time, then use strong -persuasions on them. These Stronger-Persuasions, always take the form of Islamic/Christian Atrocities and Barbarism. All of this savage and inhuman barbarism, is the direct result of the sermons of Islamic/Christian Clergy, and of the teachings of both these religions. This barbarism befalls on the Pagans, because of the nature of these Exclusivist-Religions, it cannot be taken out of them, it is here to stay.

    19. Regardless of what Moslems/Christians say or do not say, the reality is simply this that, the very existence of Kafirs (Non-Moslems/Non-Christians) is an affront to their Islamic/Christian God (Allah/Jehova), and they would do every thing to remove this impertinence and insult, from this world. The Moslems and Christians will not gracefull take NO for an answer from the Kafirs (Pagans), particularly when they receive more than a little encouragement from their religions, they receive powerful votes of vilification of the Kafirs and Kafir-Religions.

    20. Because of the existence of this Islamic/Christian Intolerance, we Hindus (and European Pagans), cannot have business as usual:
    a. We cannot limit ourselves to making blanket condemnations of Islamic/Christian Atrocities
    b. We cannot limit ourselves to sending envoys to New Delhi, to deliver notes of our protest
    c. We cannot allow the Phoney-Liberal Hindus to become the orchestrators of the Hindu-Arena.
    d. We have to encapsulate the spirit of Shivaji, in all our Hindus, and then take action.

    21. No body should have misgivings, that it shall require strong determination, to eject Islam and Christianity from India and Europe. But we must do it, and destroy the cathedral of barbarism, that is Islam and Christianity. If we do not do that, then there is not going to be any peace or security for any Hindu or any Pagan, both shall live under house arrest, if allowed to live at all.

    We cannot accept that, we would rather die than live under such a disgraceful life-style.

    As the largest Pagan-Religion of the world, Hinduism has special responsibilities. Hinduism has leadership of the Pagan-World, and the Pagans of Europe look to Hinduism for Leadership, Support, and Strength. We must not abandon our Pagan-Brothers of Europe, we must encourage them, and help them to get out of the clutches of Christianity.

    We Pagans (European Pagans as well as the Pagan-Hindus of India) have been barbarically brutalized, massacred, persecuted and decimated historically by the Exclusivist Creeds of Islam and Christianity. In the new high-tech world of today, the calls of our Pagan-Ancestors are calling upon us for revenge. They are calling upon all of us (Pagans of India and of Europe) to re-conjure, re-emerge, and re-surge our ancient, indigneous, Pagan religions of Europe and elsewhere, and to disseminate these Pagan-Religions into the modern world of Europe, and areas around the country of India.

    Let us all Pagans, Hindus of India and the Pagans of Europe get together, and bring back the Paganism of Europe in full swing, and deny the continent of Europe to Barbaric-Christianity. It is time to serve notice upon both Islam and Christianity, by telling them in plain, un-ornamented language that:

    You Barbarians have committed plenty of Zulum (Barbaric-Atrocities), your time is up. The Red-Knights (Pagans of India and Europe) have now arrived, and we fight tomorrow.

    But before we do that, we need to affirm a line of sentence, by repeating:
    Surinder Paul Attri

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