gst on john howard's agenda in 1979

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    Australia could have had a goods and services tax (GST) 20 years sooner, had John Howard had his way.

    Cabinet papers for 1979 - released by the National Archives of Australia under the 30-year rule - show Howard argued persuasively for a broad-based consumption tax which he believed could be implemented some time in 1979-80.

    It resurfaced as the centrepiece of coalition policy for the 1993 election, which the opposition again lost.

    New opposition leader John Howard pledged to never ever introduce a GST and stuck to that for his first term in government following his 1996 election victory.

    But he went to the 1998 election promising a GST and won.


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    Robinson's Paradox states that,in any exhausttive preferential two-party system of electing a government in which each party has more than one policy in its platform,it is possible that(1) none of the policys advocated by the winning party is supported by the majority of voters,and(2) a policy not supported by the winning party does have the support of a majority of voters.


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