gst and gold

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    gst models and economies in my opinion are akin to socialist based economies ie control private wealth. you flood market with $$$$$ , keep interest rates low or negative to inflation rate, therefore money looses value. encourage overvaluation of debt based assets ie housing to keep up with fresh printed $$ . this encourages consumption which keeps the whole thing going . government gets 10% sends it back into the circle over and over. final trick is to control gold then there is no escape to protect wealth . remember the commies said they would line their toilets with gold . now they buy it . based on current $ money supply the correct price of gold should be in the 100s of thousands of dollars per oz . it will never be that . coalition of the willing , willing for what control of mind and wealth ! compulsary super to funds who get their cut keeps stockmarket going . new floats and government asset sales prop up the index . have you seen some of the companies that get listed lately! local fish and chip shop maybe a candidate . ah its all a load of dump but nobody thinks where we are going . waste my time . have a good weekend . my opinion your choice
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