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I think people are putting too much faith in OBJ to be able to...

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    I think people are putting too much faith in OBJ to be able to capitalise on opportunity over time.

    They have missed the boat on many fronts, too many times - Voltaren is just another example in the long line of failures.

    Thinking that in 3-4 years OBJ has potential is just dooming yourself to repeat history. They have had 3-4 years already and achieved nothing. In fact they have had  closer to 10 years to be somewhere MUCH further than they are, and failed UTTERLY dismally. 

    OBJ are closer to a charity, its a company in slow motion collapse run by the boss-eyed .... they need our long term help and support just to survive let alone be profitable. This is why I say let the whole damn thing burn itself down to the ground, so we can start again with a whole new board, structure outlook and approach. Fire-sale required, everything must go.

    Otherwise, we are left to charity like this, deigned to help what is clearly a widespread issue in the house of OBJ, and will always prevent the company achieving anything substantial.
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