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    I reckon that, despite the hysteria, mangles has the most cred in this thread.

    It is good to see that even the most enthusiastic have accepted that "historical" values may not be relevant to future prices.

    Whilst some may expect a better offer for Arrow to appear, it is clear that the market does not, and neither do any commentators that I can find.

    It is ludicrous self delusion to expect that the Arrow result has no effect on price expectations for ESG. It is equally ludicrous to think that ESG is unaffected by the LNG marketplace. The local market is simply too insignificant for it to apply upward pressure to ESG share price.

    Having been around a bit and seen the results of extreme ramping, it's a safe bet their will be a lot of disappointed people if and when ESG is sold (most likely to Santos without any competitive bids). $1.30 seems a good figure based on expected upgrade and current metrics.

    To those who are impatient just consider what ESG is currently doing - proving up resources in an attempt to demonstrate value to prospective purchasers. Only when further upgrades have been announced, and the proving exercises have been completed will it make sense to speculate on a final price.

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