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growth daily (but it can't be measured daily)

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    Every single day, ESG's value grows (whether or not it is recognised by some ESG posters or the market).

    Daily flow rates are sent through to the certifiers, increasing ESG's 2P reserve. Wouldn't it be reassuring if we could see this regular increase, ticking over like an odometer on a car... But, just because it isn't reported daily doesn't mean it is not happening behind the scenes. We just don't receive this 'stimulus' daily, via ASX announcements.

    Similarly, every day that ESG remains independent, value is being added on the commercial/corporate side. Behind the scenes, confidentially... Again, just because we are not being fed a daily dose of news does not mean nothing is happening.

    And every day, the likelihood that Santos are going to win ESG ebbs away. They gained a strategic advantage by moving fast to secure Gastar's PEL 238 stake and HGO's ESG shares. A clever move, given that their competition for this type of massive world-class resource are bigger, with deeper pockets, but slower moving. Sun Tzu would approve.

    But, as the days tick by, as ESG grows its resource and reserve, and as ESG forwards its commercial and corporate negotiations overseas ("multiple approaches"), that advantage of Santos' reduces. Santos will not win 'the long game'. Sun Tzu would be shaking his head in disapproval.

    So, whilst our desire for a nice, easy linear progression of the share price may not happen, and our appetite for a similarly transparent and regular meal of news does not come, rest assured, ESG is growing in value.

    But the share price growth, when it happens, will be anything but linear.


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