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    Exxon Mobil have just secured a further U.S.3.5B bringing the total financial obligation to U.S.18.5B for the PNG LNG project. The Oil Search/Santos/EM JV expects to have 6.6m tons/year of LNG in commercial consideration by 2013-2014. Source The Australian.
    Shell/Arrow Energy's Curtis Island Project is expected to produce 16m tons/year of LNG.
    I need a grown up here to check my decimal pts. However CTP states that Phase1's 5 wells have prospective resources of 34-70 TCFG.
    Please help me with this !!!, But if a TCF= Approx 21 Million tons, then the minimum est is 711 million tons LNG over an undefined period.
    I'm thinking maybe J.H has a clue !!! Maybe they have an inkling of why CTP are spending 32M AUD on 5 holes (just a thought !!!). Maybe in a few years (I am not a trader so not ramping) when CTP is in dollars, that peoples will remember that you were squabbling over a 0.14-0.15 SP.
    My thoughts are that this HC CTP thread is a fun way for us believers to spend our spare minutes/hours.
    If you have a lot invested, It could only be considered sane to see if there was any news on your investment once or twice a day.
    Like any stock you may invest in you should have faith in the management, and unfortunately in any stock there is a certain degree of blind faith. For there is so much information that should be privy to the few.
    I believe that in five years time when you are at the airport, you will reach past the Packer biographies and grab a book on J.H. or R.G.
    I believe that J.H. is a man of amazing foresight. I believe that people who quit their cushy (BHP) positions for a shot at the title, probably have an inkling of credibility.
    Support the Sultan and RG to your own benefit.
    This is just Phase 1.
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