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griffin and his "forecast"

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    Changing the subject.

    I (and a lot of people) when read the forecast around 3.5 became very "dreammy".(now its easy understand why some people bought at 0.90 , 1.00 , 1.20 , 1.77 !!! )

    Well.. they didnt learn with their own failures and than change to 2.5,and again and again forecasts that make each new commer feel the "next rich on the block"

    Well.. the new (old because now they have just 8 months/// 4 still went since last report)
    to achieve the 1.75 magic prognostic.

    That means now is "just" 130% or to make easy...

    1.oo PLUS !

    Thats also one of my complaints about the "managements" mistakes...

    That way again we will have plenty of frustrated people in few months.

    (one owner of a company never could allow one contractor create so amazing excitment and/or believe.
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