Grid emissions hit record low, as renewables displace coal and prices plunge, page-157

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    I'm still waiting for your correction from your fake news thread about the Qld wind farms .

    Why aren't you talking about that one ?
    Pretty hard to take you seriously when you have a history of posting fake news.

    And now you post some tired old news from some wind farm haters.

    " A paper published in August 2012 in the journal Land Economics found otherwise. It looked at 11,300 property transactions over nine years in northern New York state, and concluded that “nearby wind facilities significantly reduce property values in two of the three counties studied. "

    These results indicate that existing compensation to local homeowners/communities may not be sufficient to prevent a loss of property values.”In the same article it said this.“While there may be isolated instances of lower property values for homes near wind turbines, results show no significant decreases in property values over homes near wind farms in the study area,” the study found. "
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