Greta rides metal bike with rubber wheels with Arnie

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    Greta the perennial hypocrite loves everthing produced from mining and fossil fuels, she luvs travelling on trains , riding bikes, electric cars, warm clothing synthetic fibre jackets, carbon fibre yachts , solar panels etc, without mining and fossil fuels she would be in sweden sitting in a cold wooden hut wearing furs, I just can not wait to see how she travels to Spain "carbon neutral" this will be the greatest ecological laugh on Planet Earth, if she walked with Arnie or rode a couple of horses I would take her seriously but right now for a 16 year old she has a very large carbon footprint.She should stay in sweden plant trees and skype her grievances. Also notice how leonardo and arnie want to talk and be photograped with a 16 year old swedish girl but I have not seen any photo ops with has been wrinkly old jane fonda who is is pushing the same agenda.
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