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grennpastures fighting

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    Come on guys, i have read your posts on and off today and as we all hide in cognito behind computor screens there is really no winner and loser to this.

    It appears to me that there may be some double logins being used buy both sides in this debate.

    One thing i have noticed is that it is obvious that greenpastures hold stp and doesnt want anyone to post negative remarks on it for that reason.

    I have seen the same thing before with greeenpastures and also other posters and it is common for this to happen.
    Once a person buys a stock they dont want anything to be written on this forum that may be of a different opinion to theirs especially if it is calling a stock down when one has just bought at a higher price.

    For my 2 cents worth i followed stp before it aquired the waste management company and i too feel it will retrace next month during the tax selling (bargin time ) to the mid 30 cents area from which i will then buy some.

    oh and buy the way greenpastures , you remarks over the last few months about some one always selling a stock down once you have mentioned it is just a lit bit too egostistical for me (what about ion you been mentioning it for ages and it continues to go up)

    i really think that you may have to take a step back from the market so you can actually see how ridiculous you sound lately..

    Nobody (yes even you greeny) is always right.

    Personally this site lately is losing it`s appeal because for 1 thing there are too many who think they are experts.

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