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greman product?

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    I know the below cut and paste is not in anyway related to Sun bio, but it does make you wonder why they would paste it on their website under industry news when it contains such details. I mean if its not related to Sun then it almost sound like free addvertisment for one of our competitors, and if they are not interested in roadside testing (at the moment) as they have stated then what is the relevance. It is either a very good omen as to what is happening behind closed doors or a very poor marketing judgment.

    Appolgies if this has already been discussed....but if not what do you think?

    "The apparatus would be launched as part of the city's Safer Festive Season programme and the city's campaign against unruly road users. Details on what drug types the mechanism could read were not yet available.

    About whether test results could stand up in court, he said consultation with prosecution authorities was under way.

    "We are having our legal department check up on this for us," McKenzie said, and added that that the mechanism was of German origin, but that a Belhar man had redesigned it for local use"
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