greens will be one of the big powers!

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    I've just done a two-and-a-half hour stint handing out Greens How to Vote Cards.
    This is the second time I've done this and I can tell you, the number of people -young and old- aglos and non- who came and asked for the greens card was proportianately great! Smiles and congrats all round.
    Stupid LIB woman (handing out their cards) decided to butt in and tell a woman taking my card, "you're not a lesbian, are you?" You should have seen the crowd "doing her in." She had to hand out her cards and leave the place in disgrace. The electoral official came out and spoke with her.
    Judging by the comments here on this forum, it seems that this mentality is quite prevalent amongst the devotees of the major party!

    Go the Greens!
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